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Ivi & The Light Workers : the 3D adventure video game

Ivi & The Light Workers is a first person adventure video game in real time 3D. The game is based on the freedom of movements in the 3 dimensions to favorise the exploration of infinites and semi-realists terrains. The whole is coupled by a rich gaming experience and a varied strategy.

Ivi stands out from other games in the market because of its immersive aspect that will make you want to play for hours. The experience is similar to a beautiful song that would free one up from the constraints of the physical world. It is this experience of well being that is encapsulated for the first time in a video game.

The game is based on an original screenplay . You customize Ivi , a honeybee princess who is not destined to become a queen. The heroine will have to make the right decisions at the right time to avoid traps, build the hive, cultivate the flower stock and make the necessary alliances toward survival. Ivi will need love, respect and wisdom to become the undisputed queen of the colony.

The game infinite terrains , the music and the sound effects recreate nature in its most beautiful dress .

The exploration and the discovery of this semi-realistic universe is conducive to wonders, relaxation and personal enrichment . Every plant and every flower has a particular sound, a music that simulates the intoxicating scent that are naturally secreted ( pheromones). These sounds quickly transform into a concert who will guide you step by step towards mysterious situations and personal enrichment. Certain call this musical arrangement the soul of mother nature.

The gameplay details

The controls: Ivi gameplay is based on the mastery of your movements in the 3 dimensions in order to harvest nectar and pollen from flowers. The harvest is necessary for honey making and for the hive development. The main character controls are designed to simulate the bee agility in flight, which is characterized by precise movements coupled with steep velocity. The results are fluid movements in the 3 dimensions. The character controls are numerous, but they are also intuitive to allow for an immersion right from the start of the adventure. Warning, Ivi is a game made for the "hard cores gamers" in mind: you will need patience and practice to perfect your moves. The more you improve your technic, the more you will be rewarded in gameplay.
The love; the game engine : Mother nature love in all aspects is the fuel that turns the game engine. The equation is simple: "gives a little love to mother nature, she will give it back infinatly! "Ivi can give love to mother nature when:

  • she gathers pollen
  • pollinate flowers
  • help others light workers
  • shapes the hive
  • discovers new species of flowers
  • listens to the entities
  • makes honey
  • cultivates the flower stock

It is only after adding up a certain amount of love, that IVI will evolve from a simple princess to the undisputed queen of the colony.
The univers: Historically, Ivi's adventure begins a little less than 30 million years ago, just after the dinosaurs extinction and long before the first signs of humanity. We then discover a virgin and balanced nature, which is majesticly prevailing on every parcel of the blue planet. Travel between sky, land and sea, rocky grounds, sand dunes, frozen fjords, arid or humid fields.

The bee personification will let you discover the not so tiny world of insects: a tree becomes a village, a ratchet turns into a hill, or water drops appear like meteorites. But, it is only at this scale that the mysteries of life on Earth may be disclosed to the person that will dare to seek them out. The main concern of Ivi is to survive in a world that seems natural at first sight, but where traps and enemies are numerous. The bad weather, the diseases and the predators will make the quests even more complexes. Beware of wasps, they are fast and their bite is fatal. Remember that union is strength in bees world as well...

Inter-react with all kinds of insects, animals, plants and vegetables. Model your environment by creating a flower stock that will become the indisputable proof of your wealth. Follow your natural instinct or mantra, discover a lost civilization, or contact the mysterious entities of the four elements. You have everything off hands to make your successful ascent as a queen bee. With a certain amount of love, wisdom and respect, you will get the ultimate prise on earth: a place for you and your colony on the ark of life ...
The entities: The entities are fictif characters that have for mission to protect and guide Ivi. Each entity emanates a specific harmony and peace that embodies the four elements: earth, fire, water, or wind. The entities are the only characters in the game that have human form.

The hive and its different units: The hive is a natural structure that houses the bee colony. It is where honey is made and it is where new bee generations are raised. This living unit is often hidden in difficult spots like tree trunks or crevaces safe from predators who covet honey.

Typically, the hive is formed by hexagonal wax cells called unit. Bees use these units for food storage (honey and pollen) and for nurssery (eggs, larvae and pupae).

A hive consists of 14 kinds of distinctive units. These units range from simple storage resources to research and exchange units. Each type of unit requires a certain expertise (wisdom level) and specific materials in order to make it. The units are the keystones of the game strategy. A good units balance will make the difference between a thriving hive and an unbalanced one.
The plots: Ivi scenario develops two main ideas. The first idea focuses on Ivi's evolution as a queen bee, the sole survivor of her colony. The second idea will help you discover the origin of life on Earth by obtaining a seat on the ark of life (end of Episode I).

The main character evolution: The gameplay is based on the main character development or Ivi's level-up. Ivi evolves via wisdom points that one can accumulate proportionaly to the time played and the completion of missions. Here are Ivi's custumizable attributes:

  • Wings: speed, stability, speed, endurance
  • Legs: speed, agility, lift
  • Antennas: communication, radar
  • Mouth: harvest and construction speed
  • Mentra: harvest, commercialization, construction, communication
The strategy: Resource management is directly related to Ivi's development and the well being of the hive and the flower stock. You are in command of a resource management system that provides the strategic dimension essential to any games that rocks. You can extract resources from almost all objects in Ivi's world. Each resource features a definition, a mass, a nutritional value and a exchange value and turns as ingredient into the confection of materials and honey.

The exchange value of a resource is associated with a virtual currency which is called "respect." This virtual currency is proportionally accumulated while playing and it can be exchanged with other resources on the multiplayer market. The respects are also exchangeable with experience points (called wisdom) to unlock and/or improve a faculty. Respects can be exchanged with virtual items right from the online catalog.

Finally, the virtual currency has a market value and can be traded against "merchandising" via the online product catalog. For example, 100 virtual honey units can be exchanged with 100K of respect (virtual currency), and 100K of respect will give a real 250 grams honey pot, which will be shipped to the player address.
The terrains: The terrains are vast grounds or plots of land. Ivi Episode I contains 3 types of terrain, which each has specific features:

  • The mountains have small, medium and high slops, they can be young or old and are defined by their altitude and elevation changes. The fauna and flora is densed and valuable.

  • Volcanoes are young mountains. They are hostile environments for bees and almost all life forms but they contain plenty of rich resources and they are always full of mystery.

  • The plains are reliefs with low slope, the fauna and the flora is rich and diversified. A plain can be arid (desert), wet (swamp), wooded (forest). They are often crossed by rivers before forming a lake or reaching the sea.
The flower stock: The flower stock consists of all varieties of plants, flowers, mushrooms and trees you have pollinated and belongs to you momentarily. Indeed when Ivi pollinates a flower, she makes a temporary marking via an enzyme that is disperses around the flower. This enzyme indicates the other bees from the same colony where the flower stock is located. Moreover, this enzyme has a repellent effect on other insects and other bee colonies. Most of the time the flower stock is located at the outskirts of the hive, but it is not impossible that Ivi pollinates wild flowers that are found at kilometer from the hive. The flower stock is also composed of fruit trees. Each pollinated fruit tree produces fruit that will attract a particular fauna. Gradually you'll see your environment come to life and if one day a golden eagle visits your flower stock, then this will be the sign that your flower stock has reached its climax.
the Scenario: For the first time in the gamming industry, we are using the honeybee as the main character of a 3D video game. Although the bee microscopic world offers an inexhaustible source of scenarios, it is its universal symbolism that prompted us to choose her. Indeed, we have made the bee "the symbol of social organization, of superior intelligence and divine wisdom by the perfection of his work" (la-ruche-sauvage.com). The bee is a perfect being, a real superhero without the need for extra artifice!

You will personify Ivi, a young honeybee who came from the Carniolan bees blood line (Apis mellifera carnica) from the light oasis hive. You ate royal jelly by mistake; your die is cast... A question remains : do you have what it takes to become the future queen in order to perpetuate the colony? Even before the beginning of her existence, Ivi has chosen her mantra. This choice is instinctive, but it will affect Ivi's future until the end of her adventures! This mantra gives unique features that Ivi will have to learn to control at first. Then, she will improve her mantra knowledge and progress in her destiny. Only a bee who has the soul of a true queen will perform the mantra metamorphosis...
The multiplayer challenge: Ivi's development depends largely on the interaction with other players to solve tasks, share resources and join an already well established hive.

Today, there is 1 single multiplayer game mode called "full cooperation" (co-op). In this mode all players are part of the same team and they must complet their mission. For example, the team must pollinate (pollen harvest only) a lavender field as quickly and as effectively as possible. The score calculation is simple: the total number of harvested pollen unit / number of players / distance traveled. All team players will be rewarded fairly, but the objects found will belong only to the player who found them.

The multiplayer mode is playable from two players and up to 10 players. A minimum and a maximum number of players can be specified for each mission. We anticipate a maximum of 24 to 30 players per team in the future. Multiplayer "team against team" as a live match is also possible.

With the co-op multiplayer gameplay Ivi takes its full heights as a video game. Indeed, this multiplayer mod allows for developing specific gameplays.
Les énigmes : Ivi peut être vue comme une grande chasse au trésor virtuelle pour trouver l'arche de vie. Cette chasse au trésor est composée de missions aussi appelées énigmes. Ces énigmes doivent être résolues pour recevoir les indices qui vous guideront pas à pas. Les énigmes se présentent sous plusieurs formes :

  • Une tâche (action directe du joueur sur son environnement)
  • La recherche d'un objet caché
  • Un test de QI
  • Une phrase codée ou une devinette au choix multiple et unique pour chaque joueur

Les énigmes sont présentées par les personnages secondaires et par les entités des mantras. La difficulté de résolution des énigmes augmente proportionnellement au niveau de jeu. Il y a plusieurs moyens pour compléter un niveau et débloquer le suivant. En général, cinq énigmes sont proposées et le joueur doit en résoudre au moins quatre pour passer au niveau supérieur.
The flora: There are 4 species of flora: trees, plants, flowers and mushrooms.

Each species:

  • is governed by a lifecycle (budding, growing, flowering)
  • is defined by a chemical composition
  • can receive transformations
  • is used in the making of resources and objects
  • is directly modeled from nature

The information is organized as a botanical database and it is as close as possible to the scientific information found in real world for educational purposes. This information is derived from the specifications found on tele-botanica.org. In addition we've added the chemical composition of each elements and its specific uses in the game. Tele-botanica.org is maintained by the community like Wikipedia.
The floral cycle: The floral cycle is defined by five repetitive phases of a plant or a tree. This process find its origins directly from natural sciences. It is integrated in the game to know when a flower:
  1. turns into bud or seed
  2. indicates flowering
  3. is pollinated
  4. expels its seeds or turns into fruit
  5. dies and finishes its cycle
In the wild, a flower is ready for pollination as soon as she blooms. This state is communicated by the plant/tree via an odorous secretion that can be smelled by the insects and the animals kilometers around. In the virtual world, the smell is not yet developed. This is why we've decided to use music to tell the player that a flower is in a blooming state. Each flower sings a particular song that you will learn to recognize. The closer to the flower, the louder the sound is. The communication distance is governed by Ivi's antennas. When Ivi gets wiser, she increases its ability to ears the flower songs. It takes a lot of wisdom to hear the rarest and most prised flowers.
the mantras : LYou will find a total of 4 mantras that can be developed in 3 stages :

  • Light: this mantra gives you the power to withstand intense heat and allows you to communicate with the entity Vesuvius (represented by the volcano)
  • Earth: this mantra gives you the power to intervene the plant cycle and enables communication with the Earth entity Orion
  • Air: this mantra gives you more acrobatic skills and it allows you to communicate with the entity Mistral
  • Water: this mantra gives you weather predictive power and you can communicate with the entity
Ivi & The Light Workers is in reality a sofisticated internet website. The game only requires to use a standard web browser compatible with the WebGL technologie: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer (view the compatibilities page for more details).

It is a cross-platform game (Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac Apple), with zero-plugin (no need for Adobe Flash, nor Java applet, nor ActiveX), it has a zero-download and a zero-install features which get you playing directly your 3D game.
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