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Ivi & the Lightworkers - openworld first-person adventure video game: bee simulator
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Ivi banner : Ivi & The Light Workers : The 3D adventure video game by multivers3D
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BannerCicada : cicada 1.0 : the web 3D middleware by multivers3D
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BannerXV3D : multivers3D systems & Co.
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Main channel : Forum main channel
Read about gaming news, latest implementations, upgrades, tips & tricks or share your ideas
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Forum Ivi Episode I : Forum - Ivi & the light workers: Episode I
Get the latest news about the 3D openworld adventure video game in real time created by multivers3D
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multivers3D channel : Public multivers3D channel
multivers3D news, events, conferences and strategic partners info, press references plus all important dates
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R&D window : Research and developement technical window
The channel organizes tips & tricks, tutorials, important info and the latest news about the video game development
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