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Is your device fully compatible to render this website in mode web 3.0?

This website is managed by Cicada from multivers3D, it belongs to the next generation of web 3.0 websites. In order to bring the 3rd dimension to the web, multivers3D uses the latest technology and international standards compatibles with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

I will look into my browser compatibility issue later and I wish to access this site home pagehome page

Here is the technical specification to correctly render this web 3.0 website:

A compatible HTML5 web browser

HTML 5 logo
CSS3 logo

W3C official logo
The latest web browsers that supports HTML5 and CSS3 are compatible with our 3D websites. To get accurate results, we've tested all fonctions with the following certified browsers:

firefox logoFirefox 23 and upper versions100% compatible
google chrome logoChrome 35 and upper versions100% compatible
Internet explorer logoInternet Explorer 11.0 and upper versions2D website  100% compatible
web 3.0 not supported since 23/04/2015
Safari logoSafari 9.1.2 et ses versions supérieures100% compatible
Opera browser logo (128x128 px)Opera 39.0.2 et ses versions supérieures100% compatible

A graphic card compatible with WebGL accelerated 3D graphics
Our websites use accelerated 3D from your graphic card. If your computer is less than 3 years old, your graphic card is certainly compatible with WebGL.

You will need a minimun of 500MG of memory on your graphic card to get a satisfying experience. The more memory your graphic card has the better your experience will be.
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