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Who is multivers3D?
multivers3D is a small digital business with strong potential based in the southeast of France. We aim to provide a robust and powerful platform for the production of 3D content for the Internet. In addition, we are developing Ivi & The Light Workers, the 3D multiplayer adventure video game made for everyone. Ivi is our flagship game that highlights all the functions our platform has to offer. In conjunction, we service our expertise to companies who would like to have a good start in the design, the architecture, the management or the develop of web 3.0 solutions.

The digital company servicing the nature
Today, we can affirm that the initial promise made by IT, which was to automate our tasks in order to reduce our work load, was not kept. Indeed, it seems that we've entered a cycle where man always wants more and has to work more to satisfy his new desires. One could argue endlessly about the pros and cons of this evolution, but we cannot argue the fact we have created new problems that improves in no way the state of our common home: the Planet Earth.

Since its inception in 2010, here at multivers3D, we are aware that our IT tools and services have a direct impact on our environment and therefor our life. It is the main reason, we have decided to work on projects which:

  • respect nature in all of its forms
  • have a positive impact on the environment
  • directly or indirectly linked to a sustainable development policy
  • will allow humanity to evolve in a positive and permanent maner

Ivi & The Light Workers is a great example that highlights our work ethic to protect bees and their ecosystem. Ivi uses the 3rd dimension magic coupled with interactions to educate young and older people toward an harmonious cohabitation.

If you adhere to our philosophy and would like to work on a project with our team, feel free to contact us.

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